Garlic is a very versatile & flavour enhancing ingredient that goes with most of the dishes. Garlic when added to recipes elicits an aroma that ultimately produces a captivating flavour. Garlic also has a lot of health benefits, which is why since ancient times it has been used to prevent many chronic diseases and treat common infections. Garlic is used in a variety of ways in different recipes. If you are a garlic lover, we will tell you some amazing ways to cook with varied forms of garlic like, roasted, crushed and chopped garlic that will take your love for this spice to just another level. 

Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic is not very often used in dishes, but trust us, this kind of garlic will give your meals a nuttier flavour which you will definitely appreciate. Let us look at some simple yet yummy dishes in which you can use TFC’s Roasted Garlic

Boiled Eggs

Very popular breakfast in most parts of the world, high in protein, low in fat and very tasty. Garnish your boiled eggs with Roasted Garlic and see how the boiled eggs taste yummier. 

Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed Potatoes is a side dish with a lot of dishes like grilled vegetables, chicken steak, eggs etc. Add some of TFC’s Roasted Garlic to your mashed potatoes. From here on we assure you, you won’t have your mashed potatoes without Roasted Garlic

Crushed Garlic

When you use Crushed Garlic in your recipes, the flavour gets distributed evenly which makes dishes tempting and flavourful. Here are some recipes where you can use TFC’s Crushed Garlic and make them mouth-watering. 

Caesar Salad

Add a dash of TFC’s Crushed Garlic to the dressing of Caesar Salad. This will not just give the salad a garlicky flavour but would also enhance the taste of your salad. Try The Food Company’s Crushed Garlic in your Caesar Salad once. 

Sauces and Soups

Crushed Garlic has a smoother texture compared to the other forms of garlic hence the TFC’s Crushed Garlic is best to be used in sauces like white sauce, red sauce, etc and also in cream soups. 

Chopped Garlic

For that chunky flavour of garlic in your dishes, go for TFC’s chopped garlic. It’s hassle-free and makes cooking amazing dishes super quick and easy. 


chopped garlic has the beauty of slowly melding with the other ingredients of a dish. Pasta needs a subtle yet nice flavour of garlic for which TFC’s chopped garlic is the best choice. 

Garlic Pinwheel

This puff pastry has a strong flavour of herbs and garlic. No other forms of garlic but chopped garlic from TFC will take this recipe to a new taste level. Every layer of this Pinwheel will give you a zing of the garlic flavour. 


Try out these recipes using Roasted Garlic, Crushed Garlic and chopped garlic range from The Food Company and make every single dish that you cook, super delicious.