Using Gourmet Dressing to Add More Flavour to Your Meal

Home-cooked meals can sometimes feel like you are eating the same thing day in and day out! Bland lunches and steamed or grilled preparations can prompt you for more frequent take-outs. If you are tired of eating the same type of food with the same flavours time and again, then we have got you covered. Let dullness be gone with the use of low-calorie sauces and dressings that add extra oomph to your meal. Here is an article that explains how a gourmet dressing can conveniently add more flavour to your daily meal preparation without requiring more cooking time or worrying about gaining weight. We have also shared some culinary tips on using Gourmet Dressings and Gourmet Meal Starters to help you become a master of flavour!

Use of Gourmet Dressings in Food Service, Retail, and Wholesale Sectors

Centuries ago, gourmet dressings and condiments were created to disguise not-so-fresh foods. Now, they are a recipe’s door to distinction! Whether in a refrigerated bottle, on the dressing shelf, or blended into a prepared meal, you cannot deny the appeal of the gourmet dressing. Culinary wizards are employing both pre-made and scratch-made dressings to deliver exemplary flavour and exotic taste in meals.

With growing consumer interest and curiosity in new cuisines, ingredients, and updated versions of the traditional ethnic meals, gourmet dressings are being increasingly used to provide depth of flavour and a specific identity to your meal that is hard to match. 

Not everyone enjoys eating healthy food and snacks. Please your tastebuds by preparing tasty salads in no time! With the help of delicious salad dressings, it is easier for you to enjoy healthy and nutritious salads and appetizers at home.

Acid brightens flavours and provides a nice contrast to foods that would otherwise be overly heavy, rich, or sweet. These strong sparkly flavours are required to prepare great meals. Use vinaigrette salad dressing to add acid to brighten any salad or a bland dish. Without a vinaigrette gourmet dressing, a salad is just a dish of raw veggies!

While consumers clamour for the unique, bold, and innovative flavours, chefs around the world are meeting the demand by re-imagining pivotal elements of a dish and replacing them 

with gourmet dressings, sauces, and gourmet meal starters that boast authentic flavours and a delightful culinary experience.

All cuisines have a specific mix of spices. To cater to consumers’ desire for unique dishes, The Food Company offers an extensive range of gourmet dressings in a variety of authentic flavours. All our dressings are prepared using perfect recipes and the right combinations of fresh and dried herbs, zesty spices, and other high-quality ingredients. In fact, dried herbs in our dressings help to create stronger flavours in meals! Our dressings also contain some hard-to-find seasonings international flavours that are used in many staple dishes around the world.  

Among the top food trends globally, gourmet dressings are increasingly being used with street food-inspired dishes, such as tempura, kabobs, dumplings, pupusas, and alike.

Culinary professionals around the world are striving to change the culinary experience of consumers by transforming the ordinary flavours into the extraordinary using gourmet dressings, condiments, marinades, and ethnic spices.

Without a tangy marinara sauce, spaghetti would be a tasteless jumble of noodles. Burgers, no matter how juicy and beefy, require a little extra oomph, whether in the form of mayo, sauce, or dressing.

Take your dishes to yet another level with The Food Company’s delicious gourmet dressings, sauces, and gourmet meal starters. Read on to find out how.

Culinary tips on using Different Styles of Gourmet Dressing to Enhance the Flavour of your Food:

  • Uses of Thai Style Dressing: Now, you no more have to travel to Thailand to get the authentic Thai flavour in your cooking! Use luscious The Food Company’s Thai-style Gourmet Dressing to prepare your favourite authentic Thai salads and dishes. Toss with Thai beef salad and peanuts to truly enliven any dish! Use this dressing with roasted veggies, grilled proteins, and tomato-based stews to add some zing to your meal and get your digestive juices flowing!
  • Uses of Greek Style Dressing: The Food Company’s creamy Greek-style Gourmet Dressing can be added to leafy green salads and casseroles, or enjoy them with pizzas. It can also be used as a sandwich spread, in European cuisine, or as a marinade for meats and fresh vegetables. You can also add it to nachos, tortillas, tacos, and stir-fry vegetables.
  • Uses of French style Dressing: The Food Company’s French-style Gourmet Dressing can be used on green bean salads, veggie pasta, or over cottage cheese. French dressing is best used to accentuate the taste of all types of salads and sandwiches. You can also serve it as a delicious side dip with all your favourite fried appetizers like French fries, chicken, and shrimp.
  • Uses of Italian Style Dressing: The Food Company’s Italian-style Gourmet Dressing can be added to salads, beans, pasta, vegetables, or meats to give a typical Italian flavour to the preparations. You can also use it to marinade chicken and as a dip with nachos, tacos, and stir-fry vegetables. You can combine the dressing with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers and spread the mixture between slices of bread to make sandwiches.

Ready-to-Use Gourmet Meal Starters

The Food Company’s lip-smacking gourmet meal starters are ready-to-use creative flavour bases that provide a richer taste and boost flavour to suit your palate.

ONION GARLIC & CHILLI: This is a great Mediterranean base for spaghetti and Italian dishes. It is best used to prepare popular curries, such as chicken chilli garlic curry ordered at Indian restaurants. This base is also used to prepare delicious chilli-garlic sauce served with different main entrees, such as chicken, lamb, prawns, and beef. 

GARLIC GINGER & SHALLOTS: This is a classic Asian base for all types of Oriental dishes. This holy flavour combo provides a fragrant base for any good stir-fry and can be used as aromatics in a variety of Eastern dishes, such as bulgogi, kimchi, oriental stews, and meatballs.

GARLIC CHILLI & THAI BASIL: This classic Thai base is perfect for stir-fries or to combine with beef, green beans, or king prawns! It is widely used to cook authentic Thai Basil Chicken dishes. You can also relish it as a condiment with rice, noodles, salad, and Malay or Chinese-style vegetable soup.

At The Food Company, we offer a comprehensive range of long-shelf-life, gluten-free products made with the finest quality ingredients. Whether you are looking for an authentic gourmet dressing or a gourmet meal starter, we have every flavour you need to create your perfect meal!

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