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Garlic Chilli Thai Basil Prawn and Chicken Stir Fry

Gluten Free Recipe 


200g A&T 26/30 cooked Prawn Cutlets 

200g Ingham’s diced roasted Chicken Meat

1 x Carrot – sliced

1 x Celery Stick – sliced

¼ x Red Onion – sliced

½ x Red Capsicum – sliced 

2 x Tbsp. of The Food Company – Garlic Chilli Thai Basil paste

½ x fresh lime – for garnish sliced

3 x Shallot stems – sliced – place in ice water to curl then drain

200g pack of Gluten Free Asian noodles



Slice Carrots, Celery, Onion & Capsicum & Shallots

Sautee all sliced vegetable ingredients lightly to golden colour, add The Food Company Garlic Chilli Thai Basil Paste, stir vigorously 

Add Prawns & Ingham Chicken meat, stir fry for an additional couple of minutes 

Add noodles & serve

Garnish with sliced Limes & Shallot curls

Season to taste