Garlic brings a lot of zing to our food and for someone who loves garlic, the flavor is quite intriguing. From its star performance in buttery garlic bread to its strong flavorful kick in roasted lamb, soups, sauces, etc., garlic plays numerous culinary parts.

Garlic has the capability to bring a range of intensity to a dish. How strong or mild a flavor of garlic would be is all dependent on what form of garlic you are using; crushed, chopped or roasted and majorly the presence of Allicin. Allicin is a Sulphur compound that is the main cause of that recognizable garlic taste. When two substances allianase & allin interact, allicin is made. When a clove of garlic is crushed, cut, minced or roasted, a chemical reaction occurs. Crushing the clove of garlic releases a potent flavor. Slicing or roughly chopping the cloves of garlic will yield a lesser reactive chemical reaction within the cells of garlic. Mildest of all is when you use a whole clove which lends a very mellow but a slight sweetness to any dish.

The taste of garlic in your dish is all dependent on the way you cook it. Heat inactivates the allicin compound in garlic which is why as you cook it the taste of garlic mellows. So the tip for all garlic lovers here is, if you wish to get the punchiest flavor, add garlic in the final stages of your cooking.

Here are some cooking ideas that will make sure you get just the right flavor of garlic in your dishes:

For a very fresh and strong garlic flavor
Add The Food Company’s crushed garlic to mayonnaise for quick and easy Aioli. You can use this as a dip with nachos, or thin it down using a little warm milk to relish with fish.

For a prominent yet mild flavor of garlic
Very lightly toast slices of ciabatta bread and brush some olive oil over it. Once the bread is a light shade of golden, take half a spoon of The Food Company’s chopped garlic and top it up with some freshly chopped basil and tomatoes. Here you have the tastiest bruschetta ever.

For a mellow nutty flavor of garlic

*Top your roasted meats with The Food Company’s Roasted Garlic.

*Add TFC’s roasted Garlic to Potato Dauphinoise, it is a dish where sliced potatoes are cooked with cream or milk.
The roasted garlic flavor enhances the flavor of this recipe. Cook it on slow heat and see the magic.

*White Risotto is usually a little bland, adding TCF’s Roasted Garlic will give it just that right garlic flavor and mellow sweetness. Using Roasted Garlic in this recipe ensures that the garlic flavor seeps into each and every grain of rice.

Try out all of these recipes with The Food Company’s Garlic Range and experience the unique flavor in each of these dishes.

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