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THAI BEEF SALAD RECIPE Light, fresh and packed full of flavour, this delicious Thai beef salad is a classic Asian dish, perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner. INGREDIENTS 500g Lean Beef fillet 2 large red chillies 1 x 250ml bottle of TFC Salad Mate Thai Style Dressing Pack of rice noodles 1 bunch coriander, remove stems […]


HONEY-BAKED PUMPKIN RISOTTO RECIPE Creamy and dreamy, this lusciously sweet and savoury dish is a worthy companion at your next barbecue or with grilled meat and poultry, and substantial enough to stand alone as a fabulous vegetarian alternative. INGREDIENTS 900g pumpkin, peeled, cut into 1cm cubes ¼ cup (60ml) olive oil ½ tbsp honey, plus […]


BABA GANOUJ EGGPLANT PATE RECIPE Start this recipe 3 hours ahead of time, the eggplants require slow baking and cooling. INGREDIENTS 2 Small–medium eggplants (aubergine) Juice of one good sized lemon ½ cup of TFC Tahini3 tbsp of TFC Crushed Garlic ½ cup finely chopped parsley 1 tsp salt or more to taste ¼ cup finely minced shallots […]


HUMMUS RECIPE Hummus is a chickpea pate of Middle-Eastern origins. It is a spicy and rich spread, full of protein. You can use it as a sandwich spread or an appetizer dip (scoop it up with pieces of pocket bread and sticks of raw vegetables). You can also build an entire meal around a plateful […]


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GARLIC AND MUSHROOMS RECIPE Garlic and mushrooms work so well together that garlic mushrooms is one of the classic dishes. Everyone has their own version of the recipe, we like to keep it simple. Who needs a creamy sauce when the garlic mushrooms themselves are so nice? This garlic mushrooms recipe serves two as a […]