Our Story

The business commenced as “Mr. Garlic” in the 1980’s to later evolve into ‘The Food Company’. Since 1988, The Food Company has supplied quality condiments to the retail, food service and wholesale sectors, both locally and internationally.

In 2004, the business was purchased by the Fletcher Family from the Kehl family.

Managing Director Matthew Fletcher, a Food Technologist with a Master’s degree in Business (Macq. Uni) has been in the food industry since 1986 with long term experience in both industrial and FMCG food manufacture. Matthew’s talents allow him to focus on new product development for both local and international tastes, expanding the company’s portfolio into sauces and salad dressings to offer a comprehensive range of long shelf-life, gluten free products.

Through Matthew’s extensive knowledge gained from over 30 years in herbs & spices, he sources the finest quality ingredients to produce premium condiments at his company’s HACCP certified, manufacturing premises.

In 2020, many of The Food Company’s retail products were certified by the Coeliac Association of Australia. A commitment the company has made to the gluten intolerant for the past 12 years.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the team at The Food Company supply these products to major supermarket retailers, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, take away outlets and food manufacturers throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Middle East.

The Food Company continues to supply and develop within the long shelf-life condiment area for the benefit of their customers and consumers alike.