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Cucumber Flowers Filled with Blue Swimmer Crabmeat & Garlic Aioli

This recipe makes 20 delicious cucumber flowers

Gluten free recipe


½ x 227g pot A&T Pasteurised Blueswimmer Claw or Special Crab Meat

¼ red Onion – FINELY DICED

Half Red Capsicum –       FINELY DICED

3 Telegraph Cucumbers•Salt & Pepper – to taste

 2 Tbsp of The Food company Garlic AIOLI TO lightly bind ALL ingredients

Few sprigs of Dill – fine chop &    remainder for garnish

Shallots for Garnish


Cut Cucumber flower as per attached image: By gently cutting cucumber on 45 degree angle, ¼ turn cucumber & continue to cut until all 4 sides are done

Gently pull Cucumber away from base & cut flower, then cut base of each flower so it will be level & stable to serve – continue with remaining cucumber.

Mix: Onion, Capsicum, Crab meat Chopped Dill and TFC Garlic Aioli into a bowl. Ensure all ingredients have a light covering of Garlic Aioli.

Fill Cucumber Flowers and garnish with dill and shallots curls.

Serve Chilled